KRudd Has Left The Building

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In the dead of night, one of Australia's most retweeted, liked and reblogged politicians and ex-Prime Minsters slinked away into the darkness. After a turbulent time in office, with his party voting him out of leadership, and then back in, just before losing the election to PM Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd has finally put his coat on and left the building.

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The Harsh Realities of Growing Up

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As you progress from angst-fuelled teenage years to young adulthood, there are some things that you will encounter. Sure, some of these are awesome experiences, like moving out of the family home, spending an entire night partying in the city, graduating school, starting tertiary education, starting a trade, finding love, perhaps even bringing new life into the world.

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5 Minutes With: Jack R Reilly

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Pretty sure there is nowhere that Jack Reilly can't gig. From art spaces, to house shows to busking in open-air malls, he carries his soulful and delicate sounds to every pocket of the music scene. Bullsh!t caught up with the lovely gentleman, talked music and how he makes all the ladies (and fellas) weak at the knees.

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